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Chapter 544 I Am Not Interested

  • Nangong Boling took a deep breath. He could not underestimate this man in front of him any longer.
  • He never saw such strength from anyone else. Han Jingru indeed shocked him to the core.
  • “Grandpa,” Nangong Feng gritted his teeth and said.
  • “My man is definitely strong. There is something wrong with this guy. Nangong Sun must have done something so that he can win!” Nangong Feng protested.
  • “Nangong Feng, I can understand how you are feeling. However, this is a match based on ability. Do you think I could bribe your man?” Nangong Sun responded with a smug look. He finally could hold his head high.
  • Nangong Feng's face turned pale. Even if he wanted to ruin Nangong Sun's reputation, he could not accuse him of bribing.
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