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Chapter 173 Back Inside

  • When Molan sent Han Jingru to Mojo’s doorstep, he asked, “Should I help Liu Qi a little? Isn’t that too much to ask from him to go against the Su family?”
  • Han Jingru smiled indifferently and said, “There is no need. If a dog can’t even bite, it wouldn’t have any value.”
  • When Molan heard that, he was stunned. He looked at Han Jingru with a solemn expression and he was hesitant to speak.
  • “What’s wrong?” Han Jingru asked in puzzlement.
  • Molan simply shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. Hurry and go back home, otherwise sister-in-law might worry about you again.”
  • When Han Jingru left, Molan had an impassioned expression as he mumbled to himself, “I wanted to say that you have the potential to be a King to yourself. But with your identity, you shouldn’t go down this path, right? After all, that… Is the Han family from Yan Jing.”
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