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Chapter 688 The Discontent Of Su Wenyi

  • The cold left Su Huiqi shivering to the core. Compared to being abandoned by Su Ruijin, what she could not live down more was the fact that Su Yimo had flourished while she lived in hardship.
  • Su Huiqi had considered herself superior to Su Yimo since young and she really rubbed it in when her cousin married Han Jingru because she believed that Su Yimo was surely destined for mediocrity with him. She was certain that her cousin’s life would be forever ruined by that loser.
  • But fortunes turned on Su Huiqi as the once downtrodden Han Jingru rose like a phoenix from the ashes. The joke was on her now and every piece of success Su Yimo celebrated with her husband felt like another slap on her own face.
  • She felt disconcerted and aggrieved. Why did a man like Han Jingru end up with Su Yimo and not her?
  • Su Huiqi sometimes even fantasied. How great would it be if shes the one Han Jingru married instead?
  • But it had never occurred to her what happened in the last three years. She never considered if she could have endured the same hardships Su Yimo had undergone.
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