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Chapter 84 Demolishing The Bridge

  • In the meeting room.
  • The grandmother held Su Yimo’s hand with the heartiest smile. That was an intimacy she had never shown to her. Previously, the old Madam had never treated and thought of Su Yimo as family. But now, Su Yimo became her favorite granddaughter.
  • Although Su Huiqi just might get married into a real wealthy family in the future, right that moment, Su Yimo was the person that can help with the Su family’s crisis.
  • But aside from the grandmother, the rest of the relatives had a pained expression.
  • It was true that the crisis was over. But now that Su Yimo was handling the finance, they wouldn’t be able to steal from the company easily like before.
  • The grandmother would close an eye towards their behavior. But will Su Yimo do the same?
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