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Chapter 974 Feckless Leader

  • “What’s gotten into you?” Han Jingru was baffled as he found his disciple’s reaction to be disproportionate. From his perspective, it would be no different from taking a trip to another country.
  • “Master, in order to get there, we have to pass through the Dark Forest,” Huang Xiaoyong reminded him. It was a hellish place that drove terror into the hearts of Xenos’ natives at the mere mention of its name; a place where only Pinnacle Masters would dare tread.
  • “Yes, I know that. So, what about it?” Han Jingru inquired staidly.
  • Huang Xiaoyong swallowed before he asked cautiously, “Master, could it be that you have attained the Pinnacle Stage?”
  • Huang Xiaoyong tried to assess his master’s abilities, but his speculations could not be corroborated without compelling evidence. Moreover, he highly doubted that Han Jingru was a Pinnacle Master as it was unlikely that he could have reached this highest level of attainment at his relatively tender age.
  • But when he saw how fearless his master seemed about going to the Dark Forest, he wondered if his master’s confidence was a reflection of his capability.
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