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Chapter 754 Fang Zhan Strikes

  • Signing the life and death agreement would clearly differentiate the winner and the loser, as well as the living and the dead. Han Jingru’s move was something that was simply not understood by others. He seemed to have pushed himself into a desperate situation. Seeing all this, happening in the stadium, Mr. Yi furrowed his brows.
  • He was very certain that if Han Jingru did not have the confidence to defeat Chen Bao, he would not have suggested such an agreement. Based on his previous battle with Fang Zhan, he surely has the upper hand. Seeing as such, why does he want to kill Chen Bao?
  • Han Jingru could easily make use of either the Martial Arts Association or Chen Bao, as his springboard to elevate the status of the Han family in Yan City. Given the two options, is killing Chen Bao necessary?
  • “Fang Zhan, I think that it’s time for you to lend a hand,” Mr. Yi urged.
  • “Mr. Yi, are you worried that Han Jingru will lose to Chen Bao?” Fang Zhan was rather confused. From his perspective, there was no problem for Han Jingru to tackle Chen Bao single-handedly. His capability had far exceeded those in the secular world as well as those in Apocalypse. Why would a master like him require help?
  • “I’m asking you to save Chen Bao, not Han Jingru,” Mr. Yi stated.
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