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Chapter 20 Day 22nd

  • Ten days later, the Crystal Restaurant’s hype snowballed. Since the person that blocked booked the entire restaurant wasn’t known, a lot of people were just curious. There were a lot of speculations towards different esteemed socialites. But as those men stepped forward to clarify, the entire incident had another shroud of mysteriousness.
  • Just as expected, the Su family was mentioned again and they became the joke in conversations. The time was just uncanny. It was difficult not to relate to them.
  • All of the Su family members were infuriated. If it weren’t for Han Jingru, they wouldn’t get ridiculed by just anyone. Almost every one of the family rejected or postponed all of their meetings and dinner parties. Even Madam Su stayed at home and planned to go out after the hype.
  • “How infuriating, why must they relate us to Han Jingru that trash?! Everyone just kept mentioning Su family, Su family, Su family… As if we are related to him!”
  • “Why can’t that Han Jingru just die?! And we wouldn’t need to get embarrassed like that!”
  • “Su Yimo is also a jinx. If it weren’t for her, why would all of these happen?”
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