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Chapter 1231 Heaven

  • Qin Fu personally drove them to Dragonlake Resort that day.
  • Along the way, Qin Fu asked Han Jingru for the necessary instructions, “Boss, do we need to inform Dragonlake Resort of our arrival? I know someone there who can arrange for the best banquet hall for you.”
  • Dragonlake Resort was a high-end site of enjoyment, a place where the services provided varied greatly with the amounts that their guests could pay. For a regular classmate gathering like this, Qin Fu was pretty certain that they wouldn’t receive any decent services at the resort. With Han Jingru’s current status, he deserved the best service wherever he went.
  • “There is no need for that. I am merely an escort today,” Han Jingru responded.
  • Shi Yan scowled at her son’s reply. “What do you mean by an escort? That sounds rather inappropriate!”
  • Han Jingru pouted his lips helplessly. Youre the one who dragged me out for a show-off; isnt that what an escort does?
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