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Chapter 667 The Purpose Of Apocalypse

  • A rush of feelings washed over Ma Yu. Although it had not been long since he left, the Chinese District was vastly different now. No one had expected Han Jingru to resolve the troubles Han Xiuyuan had created. Not only were the people of the Chinese District stunned, but even Mr. Yi seemed surprised about it.
  • Ma Yu had not returned right away because he had received Mr. Yi’s call. Mr. Yi had told him not to intervene with Han Jingru’s matters anymore. He was to only intervene when Han Jingru was in danger.
  • Ma Yu sighed, “I never thought Han Jingru would do something surprising again.”
  • At this moment, Ma Feihao felt that Ma Yu’s earlier decision in making him a lackey for Han Jingru could not have been wiser. Otherwise, he would end up the same as the others, pointlessly waiting outside the villa.
  • “Uncle Yu, you’ve got good foresight. You asked me to appease Mr. Han early on. How else would I have the chance to be by Mr. Han’s side now?” Ma Feihao laughed.
  • Patting his shoulder, Ma Yu replied, “From now on, you need to remember this well. No matter what happens, you have to trust him. You can’t have any thoughts of betrayal.”
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