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Chapter 539 Are You Afraid Of Me

  • Han Jingru noticed Nangong Sun's hesitation and knew he had a good chance of getting what he wanted.
  • “Are you sure you want to return empty-handed? You paid a big price destroying Terra Prison,” Han Jingru said.
  • Nangong Sun was stunned as Han Jingru saw right through him.
  • It was fortunate that the trump card was with him. As long as Han Xiang was still in his hands, Han Jingru could only obey his orders.
  • It did not matter to Nangong Sun whether the three other men were dead or alive. He did not want to be shamed by his family because of these people.
  • “I can let them go. However, if you don't execute my orders to my satisfaction, I will ask my men to kill them - including your daughter,” Nangong Sun said.
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