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Chapter 799 The Change In Yun City

  • The standoff remained. Han Jingru stared at the little white snake, which was staring back at him with its crimson red eyes. Both had their guard up and were waiting for the other to make a move.
  • Han Jingru suspected that the snake might have something to do with the gorilla fleeing, but he quickly dismissed that idea. How can this little thing threaten a three-meter tall gorilla?
  • “Jingru, are we going to keep waiting?” asked Jiang Yingying.
  • “The snake looks a little slow and dumb. It’s probably not a threat to us. Let’s just leave,” said Han Jingru.
  • Just then, the little white snake laid on the ground with its belly up. It looked like it was dead or something.
  • Han Jingru couldn’t make heads or tails of what the snake was doing, but Jiang Yingying claimed, “Jingru, why do I feel like it is being coquettish with you?”
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