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Chapter 335 Unreasonable Request

  • Han Tong's act of belittling China exasperated Han Jingru. He could not understand why any Chinese would utter such thing.
  • He had seen many of them worshipping the West, but that didn't mean they have to deliberately slander their origin. Although she grew up overseas, she should at least know where her roots were from.
  • “Is this the type of education you received from the Han family, where you don't even know where you came from?” Han Jingru said coldly.
  • Since little, Han Tong was educated so. Her social circles, families and friends, all despised China just like her. It was etched in their bone. Which was why she behaved that way as well.
  • She did not think that her words were wrong. Instead, speaking of education, Han Jingru was clearly reprimanding the Han family.
  • As a loser from the branch family, he was in no position to admonish the Han family.
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