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Chapter 49 Truth

  • After Han Jingru had a meal with Zhang Tianxing, he was worried that Yang Xing and his gang would be avenging themselves after he left and he brought Zhang Tianxing to the hospital. Han Jingru moved Zhang LingHua to a VIP ward and he paid for a personal guardian.
  • Zhang LingHua was very thankful for what Han Jingru did for her. Now Zhang Tianxing was able to stay in the VIP ward as well. The mother could finally be restful.
  • After finishing that, Han Jingru went back home.
  • Although he had expected Jiang Yan to cause further trouble, he had expected the mother to chase him out the moment he reached home.
  • Su Yimo stood in front of Han Jingru and defended the man. No matter what Jiang Yan yelled, she simply asked Han Jingru, “Jingru, what actually happened?”
  • Han Jingru told her what happened earlier today.
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