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Chapter 1054 Demon

  • Although the Imperial Court and Xia Nation were at odds with each other, Fei Lingsheng and Yi Qingshan were considered old friends, and the former did not want to watch her friend die like this.
  • “Yi Qingshan, it’s still not too late for you to surrender, otherwise, only death awaits you.” This was the last piece of advice Fei Lingsheng had to offer her old friend. If he was willing to back down, perhaps there was hope for him yet. On the other hand, if he refused to acknowledge his mistakes, there was nothing she could do.
  • “Han Jingru, I don’t believe you’d dare to lay a finger on me. Don’t forget that your sister is still at my mercy. If I don’t tell you where she is, you won’t even have a body to bury.” He had already gotten this far. To Yi Qingshan, there was no turning back anymore, and he was certain that Han Jingru wouldn’t dare to harm him. Jiang Yingying was his close relative, so there was no way he would be able to watch her die.
  • “After you get a taste of death, you will be begging to tell me where she is.” With that, Han Jingru finally materialized behind Yi Qingshan.
  • When he grabbed his neck, the stubborn instinctively tried to resist, but a powerful force abruptly poured into his body, suppressing his own energy and rendering him completely immobile.
  • “Your methods are indeed quite effective, but let me warn you, you’ll only die quicker if you resist. Once my power detonates like a bomb in your body, you’ll be reduced to ashes.” An eye for an eye. Han Jingru was letting Yi Qingshan taste his own medicine.
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