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Chapter 166 Gift

  • Su Ruijin wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and he no longer dared to show any attitude in front of Shiyan. The chairman of the Su family? That meant nothing before the woman that could easily get the Tian family to follow her command. How dare he continue to act in front of her?
  • “Su Huiqi, hurry and get someone to bring the dowry.” Su Ruijin spoke to Su Huiqi. That was such a grandeur in their mansion. It seemed that they have no choice but to pay back the dowry. Did she even need to provide a reason? Her power was the greatest reason and it was just suffocating the Su family.
  • Su Huiqi was in despair. She was able to produce the gold and jade. However, she had almost finished spending all of the cash. How could she pay it back?
  • “Ruijin, help me!” Su Huiqi begged for Su Ruijin’s help.
  • Su Ruijin knew that Su Huiqi had been spending crazily for the past weeks. The woman was wearing branded goods up to her teeth. However, it wasn’t possible to finish spending eight million, right? That was a crazy huge amount and not even him could be able to pay it back.
  • Not only that, now that Su Huiqi wouldn’t be marrying into the Han family, she no longer has any use for him.
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