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Chapter 810 A Suspect

  • Despite their usual proud and arrogant demeanor, these young heirs sat upright in attention in front of Tian Shuirou. They were as docile as rabbits, not even daring to utter a single word.
  • “Looks like you’ve already known about it?” asked Tian Shuirou coldly.
  • Her words gave these youngsters a huge shock. Naturally, they knew what Tian Shuirou was talking about. They had also discussed it privately and even believed it to be true. However, in front of Tian Shuirou, they did not dare to show that they believed it.
  • “Shuirou, are you talking about someone defaming Su Yimo?” One of the brighter ones asked Tian Shuirou.
  • When she heard that, her fury diminished a little. At least they know that Su Yimo is being defamed.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?” demanded Tian Shuirou.
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