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Chapter 1166 Qi Bingying Appears Unexpectedly

  • Shi Yan proceeded to give Han Jingru a serious talk about the benefits of dating at a young age, being the complete opposite of a parent who absolutely prohibited teenage relationships. This was likely because she didn’t have to worry about Han Jingru’s grades being affected.
  • Yet, Han Jingru disregarded everything Shi Yan told him, for he truly didn’t need any more experience in this regard. Besides, he already had a woman. All he was waiting for right now was an opportunity to see Su Yimo in Yun City.
  • Just as Han Jingru left the Martial Arts Summit, he spotted a bespectacled young lady who seemed so familiar. Even so, the boy felt strange for he was certain he didn’t know that girl.
  • Taking his confusion home with him, Han Jingru couldn’t stop thinking about that girl’s appearance as though she had been etched into his brain.
  • Shi Yan saw Han Jingru spaced out on the couch.
  • “What’s wrong? You’ve been looking unsettled ever since we got home. Did something happen?” she asked.
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