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Chapter 404 I Am Already Married

  • Mo Lan took the last three steps towards Han Jingru. Without even glancing at the manager, he asked, “Jingru, what's wrong?”
  • “Qin Rou might be here.” Han Jingru said in a low voice.
  • When the manager heard the way Mo Lan called Han Jingru, his expression switched from a triumphant one to a desperate one. It was obvious that Mo Lan had a close relationship with this young man that he even rushed here for him. It even seemed like he was asking for Mo Lan to help him take revenge. Was this some kind of a joke?
  • Mo Lan turned towards the manager and gave him a cold stare, saying, “Where is she? If something happens to her, don't even think about seeing the sun tomorrow.”
  • The manager was frightened by his words. If Mo Lan really wanted to, then he indeed would never have the chance see the sun again.
  • In this area, Mo Lan's status was equivalent to Hades'. If he wanted someone dead, that person would be dead.
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