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Chapter 861 The Irritable Huang Xiaoyong

  • The maid frowned. With Han Jingru’s current strength, it was impossible for him to kill a Fourth Stage fighter. However, she couldn’t fathom why the fighter mysteriously disappeared. Driven by her curiosity, she wanted to find out the reason.
  • “Ms. Chen, do you want to investigate what happened?” the maid asked.
  • “Check if anything valuable has gone missing in the house,” Chen Yanran instructed. The Fourth Stage fighter was willing to help the two families because of profit. Therefore, Chen Yanran believed the only reason Han Jingru managed to get him to leave was that he offered him more money. Money could move mountains. Despite how strong the Fourth Stage fighter was, he probably succumbed to his love for money.
  • After the two patriarchs left the Chen residence, they didn’t go their separate ways. Instead, they found a quiet place to discuss their next move against the Chen family.
  • “Mr. Wang, I didn’t expect Chen Yanran to have someone that’s even more powerful. This has thrown all our plans into disarray. So how should we proceed?” the Xie family patriarch asked.
  • The Wang family patriarch had a grim expression on his face. The development was indeed something beyond their expectations. They thought that a Fourth Stage fighter was enough to subdue the Chen family. However, given that the fighter had fled in fear, there was definitely an even more powerful fighter in the Chen residence, at least someone at the Fifth Stage. Given how small Longyun City was, a Fifth Stage fighter would likely be the strongest in the city.
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