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Chapter 179 Quit

  • Su Yimo wasn’t someone that surrenders easily. After KangLing and his group left, she managed to pull herself up. The young woman drove around and visited several factories. However, the final outcome showed that her effort was fruitless.
  • Nobody was willing to work with the Su family and KangLing had already controlled all of the factories in Yun city. Although the Su family could search for an opportunity outside from the city, that would drag even longer. The West side project would have colossal loss for every day of stop-work. Rumo wouldn’t want to see that.
  • Being the person in charge of the West side project, Su Yimo was overwhelmed by work stress. The woman was just suffocating.
  • When Su Yimo went back to the company, she didn’t even have the time to rest a little and Su Ruijin came into her office.
  • “Su Yimo, don’t tell me you failed!” Su Ruijin interrogated.
  • “They were determined and I have tried my best.” Su Yimo said helplessly.
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