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Chapter 347 The Storm Is Approaching

  • “So... Are you going to work with me?” Qi Pingying asked when Han Jingru said nothing
  • Han Jingru suddenly stood up and went to the window. Calmly, he said, “I don't want Yimo to be sad. Since the US' Han Family is your enemy too, I can work with you, but with a caveat. Never ever do anything that will sadden Su Yimo, or you are going to get it.”
  • Qi Pingying was pained by how stern Han Jingru sounded. Is everything just for Su Yimo?
  • “Can't I even have a place in your heart? Do you have any idea how many men love me? Kissing me is an honor for them, and now, that chance is right in front of you.” Qi Pingying said defiantly.
  • Han Jingru smiled. “You are a beautiful woman. Enough to move a lot of men. However, I am an exception. All my love has been given to Yimo and I will never fall for someone else for as long as I breathe.” After that, he left the room.
  • Qi Pingying sat on the sofa with all the color drained from her face. She clutched her chest in pain, for she thought a merciless rejection like this shouldn't happen to someone outstanding like her. The moment she took off her glasses, her looks stunned everyone, but Han Jingru didn't even care about that.
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