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Chapter 812 A Chat

  • The receptionist, who was shocked by Mo Lan earlier, saw her manager rushing to the scene and regained her confidence in a split of a second. “Didn’t you want to see our manager? There he is! But I shall warn you he’s not someone easy to deal with, so you might want to tone down your attitude a little.”
  • Mo Lan turned his head around disdainfully to look in the direction of the middle-aged man coming to him.
  • Pfft, hes not someone easy to deal with?
  • “I just love to entertain people who are not easy to deal with,” Mo Lan replied smugly.
  • “Well, I have already given you my heartfelt advice. I don’t care what happens to you later.” The girl rolled her eyes.
  • “Mr. Mo, to what do we owe the pleasure of having you here?” The manager approached Mo Lan and greeted him politely.
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