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Chapter 1240 Attempt To Resolve

  • The waiters were all lined up and ready to serve the food.
  • In between that, Zeng Xiao had visited them too. He did not interfere with Han Jingru’s actions, nor did he offer to help. He knew that Han Jingru was already capable of doing all that he wanted to after all.
  • “Shi Yan, we’re all classmates here. Let’s just let it go. Lin Fang was definitely overbearing just now, but there’s no need to go this far, right?”
  • “She’s right. We’re old friends! We haven’t seen each other in years. Let’s just calm down and enjoy.”
  • “I’ll say that both of you should take a step back.”
  • Seeing that they were in a stalemate, the classmates attempted to resolve the situation, unaware that things had gone beyond the point of return. Lin Fang had lost everything so she was certainly unwilling to let it slide.
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