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Chapter 426 Who Is The Idiot

  • “Of course I have no right to interfere with your business, but I have a responsibility to protect Yang Meng because she is my best friend.”
  • “If you are worried about me coming over to find Yang Meng, you can rest assured. I am looking for Zhong Ji.”
  • Mi Xiaoxing scoffed. Looking for Zhong Ji? This is even more absurd than him looking for Yang Meng.
  • Zhong Ji was the president of Rumo Real Estate. One would need to schedule an appointment with him beforehand. Who was he to come into the office suddenly and demand to see Zhong Ji? What right does he have?
  • “You better get going. Don't create trouble here. As your neighbor, I would be embarrassed by your antics. Not anyone can just see Zhong Ji.” Mi Xiaoxing scowled in disdain.
  • “It seems like you would not let me in if he does not come out to receive me personally?”
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