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Chapter 879 Four Star familiar

  • Both Chen Yanran and Huang Xiaoyong had grim expressions on their faces upon entering the Middle Area. They knew full well that the familiars in there were on a whole different level compared to the ones in the Outer Circle, and a single mistake could cost them their lives.
  • Chen Yanran was a lot more stressed out than Huang Xiaoyong though, because only the latter knew they could rely on Han Jingru to keep them safe if things went wrong.
  • Huang Xiaoyong slowed down his pace to match that of Han Jingru’s, but Chen Yanran was so focused on their surroundings that she didn’t notice it.
  • “My life is in your hands, Master! Please keep me safe!” He whispered.
  • “You’re a Fourth Stage cultivator, and we’re not even in the Core. What are you so afraid of?” Han Jingru rolled his eyes at him.
  • “You have no idea, Master... This may be the Middle Area, but it is still possible for the familiars from the Core to show up here! They gotta eat too, you know?” Huang Xiaoyong explained.
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