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Chapter 25 Evil Plan

  • The very same night, Su Ruijin met with Cheng Gang.
  • After knowing that Su Yimo would be meeting him personally to negotiate, Cheng Gang was just excited.
  • Three years ago, before Han Jingru married into the Su family, there were countless people that courted Su Yimo. She was just the dream woman every man liked. And that was the main reason why the Su family wedding could shake the entire Yun city. There were just countless men in agony during that day and countless curses towards Han Jingru for stealing such a woman.
  • Now that Cheng Gang had a chance to have a taste of Su Yimo, in addition that Su Yimo was ‘untouched’, the man just couldn’t contain his excitement.
  • “You have done great this time. If you have any trouble in the future, just come to me and I will do everything I can!” Cheng Gang said.
  • Su Ruijin’s eyes were filled with wickedness. As long as he settles Su Yimo, he wouldn’t have any trouble anymore. No one in the Su family could compete the chairman’s position with him.
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