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Chapter 606 You Already Fell In Love

  • Ever since Yuan Ling became Tang Cheng's assistant, she hasn't seen Han Jingru in a long time. This made her feel cleansed because she always had a sense of repulsion towards that playboy.
  • But unfortunately, Yuan Ling wasn't doing too great under Tang Cheng's tenure, because, in her eyes, Tang Cheng was just someone who had flattered his way to the top. She didn't like people like that. The good impression she had for him had long dissipated.
  • Yuan Ling really didn't understand how people who took shortcuts like this existed in the world. These people lacked their own ability, but they still managed to climb up the ranks by using just their mouths.
  • However, there was something Yuan Ling couldn't deny, and that was when Tang Cheng was focused on his job, he had an unprecedented dedication. Besides that, under Tang Cheng's simple organization, the company was rid of a lot of useless workers. His tough approach, in which he didn't care about how the law would affect him forced a lot of the higher-ups to leave the company, and some of them even left of their own volition.
  • At that moment, Yuan Ling was daydreaming when suddenly the phone rang.
  • Yuan Ling was immediately alerted when she saw who was calling.
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