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Chapter 1237 Have You Offended Someone

  • While everyone was speculating about Han Jingru’s capability and status, they also began to change their views on Shi Yan.
  • Lin Fang, on the other hand, was the only exception. The more people got impressed by Han Jingru, the more disdainful she became.
  • Hes just a kid! What power could he possibly have? Shi Yan must have hired people to put on an act! Nevertheless, isnt this just too fake? Id understand if her son were an adult, but thats just a boy over there! Who would believe it?
  • “Don’t tell me that you actually believe in this bullshit! Are you dumb?” Lin Fang expressed her contempt.
  • “Lin Fang, these owners actually showed up in person. Is that not real enough for you?” Everyone was aware of the feud that went on between Lin Fang and Shi Yan. They also knew that it had always been a one-sided affair initiated by Lin Fang since Shi Yan never actually cared about it.
  • Hence, they began to refute Lin Fang’s words.
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