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Chapter 1113 Be Your Subordinate

  • Having suffered because of his blatant disrespect towards Han Jingru, Blondie rushed over to the man’s side and whispered, “He’s stronger than both you and I. You should be careful of him!”
  • The man huffed. “So what? He’s just a kid. He can’t defeat me! My reputation would be ruined if I lost to him, and that’s not going to happen!”
  • “He specifically requested for your presence, so you should be careful,” Blondie said.
  • The man raised an eyebrow at his statement. “Oh? He’s pretty brave for a kid.”
  • He stood up and walked over to Han Jingru, further exaggerating their comically large height difference.
  • Han Jingru looked up to meet the man’s mocking gaze.
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