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Chapter 851 An Independent Force

  • He Qingfeng, who was stunned, regarded Mr. Yi with bewilderment in his eyes. “Have you gone crazy?” he confronted Mr. Yi.
  • Mr. Yi flashed him a bitter smile. He was not crazy at all but instead, he only said that because he understood there was no way he could dissuade Han Jingru. A lot of things had happened out of his expectation, and his plan had been totally disrupted due to the fact that he had underestimated Han Jingru’s abilities and talents. Now, he knew enough to realize that no one was able to change Han Jingru’s mind once he had put his mind to do something.
  • “Will you be able to stop him from going?” Mr. Yi confronted He Qingfeng.
  • Instinctively, He Qingfeng thought of what took place at the Central Hall of Four Gates last time.
  • When Han Jingru threatened that no one was able to stop him from doing anything at that time, He Qingfeng thought he was merely cracking a joke.
  • Come to think of it now, He Qingfeng agreed that it was true that trying to stop Han Jingru from doing something was not easy.
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