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Chapter 1122 Puppy Love

  • Han Jingru knew that no explanation would be able to convince Wu Xin. Hence, he just closed the door without making any effort to explain.
  • Wu Xin was stunned by the sudden act. After all, she was an attractive woman adored by many. There was not once when a man turned her away. Even worse, the first one who did it was a young boy!
  • “Hey, little brat. Open the door now and explain yourself! Is it true that you like me?” Wu Xin screamed at the door.
  • Han Jingru was at a loss. How could he ever prove to her that it was a pure coincidence?
  • Han Jingru returned to his room and ignored Wu Xin’s knocking on the door.
  • Frustrated, Wu Xin forcefully kicked the door and returned to her own place. Nonetheless, it didn’t mean that she would let Han Jingru off the hook.
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