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Chapter 458 Indisputable Evidence

  • The restaurant was barely occupied, but Qi Bingying's presence had filled it up to the brim. Some people even blocked the door and refused to leave. Han Jingru couldn't help but stare in awe. People murmured amongst themselves in the crowd.
  • Many thought that Qi Bingying was a celebrity. To them, only celebrities could be so pretty.
  • “Since I have so much influence, why don't you recruit me as Rumo Real Estate's ambassador? Maybe your reputation in Yun City would improve because of that,” Qi Bingying smiled.
  • Han Jingru was stunned by the audacity of this suggestion. It wouldn't be easy for Rumo Real Estate to improve its reputation, but if this was a shortcut he might actually take it. Considering the ruckus Qi Bingying stirred up with her presence alone, it actually might not be a bad plan at all.
  • He just wasn't sure how Su Yimo would react if he agreed.
  • “Forget it. I don't want Yimo to suspect that something's going on between us,” Han Jingru said.
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