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Chapter 131 Disciple

  • The moment Wang Mao said that, all of the members looked at Shu Huan tacitly. Everyone knew that Wang Mao had two disciples, Xie Fei and Shu Huan.
  • Xie Fei was already ousted from the discipleship. Therefore, Shu Huan was only one that could fight for him.
  • However, Shu Huan didn’t do well and her skills wasn’t outstanding. If it was Xie Fei, they would be agreeable. But if Shu Huan were to play, it would just be a one-sided match.
  • At that time, Han Jingru stood beside Tian Jingle. The man came late in he didn’t even know what happened.
  • “President, with Shu Huan’s skills, how could she match Shanguan Heibai’s disciple? Let’s not waste any time and just start with your match with him.”
  • “Yeah, how can Shu Huan win?”
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