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Chapter 275 Frightening Young Master

  • When Zhong Ji heard that, his pupil widened in shock!
  • "I can still remember that night. It was a heavy downpour and I lost a lot of money in the casino. After that, I was being pursued and beaten up. I almost lost my life but he appeared and saved me. He asked if I want to be a man on top of others. At that time, I did not have any way out. Therefore, even if he was just a child, I chose to trust him." Qinfu continued.
  • Zhong Ji frowned. In his understanding, Qinfu used to be a businessman as well. Although his skill wasn't big, he was doing a good job. The man had never heard this side of Qinfu's story.
  • "Didn't you have a small company before?" Zhong Ji asked.
  • "Everyone has their ambition. How can I be satisfied to be just a small part of a small company? That time, in order to widen my social circle, I came in contact with all kinds of people. When I was introduced to the casino, the dark part of my life begins. After that, it was my fall." Qinfu said.
  • "But I still don't understand why the young master would choose you." Zhong Ji asked in puzzlement. Since Qinfu was just a boss of a small-time business, why would Han Jingru chose him?
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