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Chapter 18 Blocked-booked the restaurant

  • When Han Jingru heard the boss, he was just awkward. Not a surprise but a trouble. But it was truly a challenge to explain it to Su Yimo.
  • “Boss, do you have any experience in hiding your own private stash? How do you explain when it is discovered?” Han Jingru asked the man.
  • The boss broke into a laughter and said, “You have asked the right person! It takes great technicalities to hide your money. But I don’t have any experience.”
  • Han Jingru simply gave him an eye roll. He was so serious while listening to him. But the boss was simply messing with him.
  • The boss showed an awkward expression as well and he continued, “What is the reason for us men to seek after money? It is so that we can let our wife spend. How can we do something so immoral, unjust, wicked and depraved like hiding our own stash of money!? Be like me, I have never even thought about it!”
  • “We had been busting our ass our whole lives, isn’t that to make our woman happy? In the ancient times, the Zhou King wanted to appeal to Queen Yi and he tortured his knights. The great revolutionary leader Wu Sangui was willing to bait the Qin nation’s soldier for his beloved, leaving the legend of his attacks of fury for love. All of the heroes had difficulties when faced with their beauty. Sigh, and we are the same.”
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