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Chapter 1101 Have You Had A Chance To Sit In A Luxury Car Before

  • Yao Hanxing didn’t want to anger Yao Yuhai, so the former pretended to be obedient. However, he had always been arrogant and bossy, so it was impossible for him to treat Han Jingru sincerely.
  • After leaving the study room, Yao Hanxing called his brothers up. He planned to get drunk for once that night.
  • Meanwhile, Yao Hanxing told his brothers that he would bring a friend there and implied that he was not on good terms with that person. Then, he asked them to figure out a way to prank Han Jingru.
  • These men agreed to his request happily.
  • These rich kids were birds of the same feather. To them, coming up with a devious scheme was just a piece of cake.
  • Finally, the night had fallen. Yao Hanxing drove his McLaren to Mulinsi Nightclub.
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