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Chapter 507 Another Rebellion In Yun City

  • After what happened at the Public Square, many people became aware that the rumors surrounding Han Jingru had been false. However, some remained under a rock and it was still up to Su Ruijin to finish what he had started.
  • Although these were but trivial matters, Han Jingru felt it was necessary out of consideration for Su Yimo.
  • He was leaving soon and he did not want her to leave behind any baggage in Yun City.
  • When Han Jingru's car turned into Pearl Building, Su Yimo's expression grew stern.
  • This was where Han Jingru first surprised her. Their wedding anniversary that year was an event she would never forget.
  • The Crystal Restaurant had a special place in her heart. It was an important place reserved only for important events.
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