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Chapter 1156 Start With The Yao Family

  • Yang Fengqi was also a descendant of the Yangs. Moreover, he used to be the most qualified person to stand up to Yang Wanlin for the position of head of the family. It was all in the past now because he had grown into a good-for-nothing brat while Yang Wanlin grew to be a better man. Besides, Yang Bin no longer valued him as much as he did Yang Wanlin.
  • Even so, Yang Fengqi still yearned for the position of head of the family. He did everything he could think of to get Yang Bin’s recognition once again. Nonetheless, Yang Bin would never pay his crooked ways any attention.
  • He was the one who spread ill rumors of the Yangs during the Martial Arts Summit. He was hoping his family would be tangled up in a mess in order to create an opportunity for him to prove himself.
  • Just as Yang Fengqi was coming up with ideas as to how he would go about it, Yang Wanlin suddenly barged into his room without so much as a polite knock on his door.
  • “Yang Wanlin, what is the meaning of this? This is my room. Don’t you know how to knock?” Yang Fengqi gave Yang Wanlin a hostile look.
  • Yang Wanlin shrugged noncommittally and said, “Why would I need to knock? It’s just your room.”
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