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Chapter 42 We Are Buying House

  • The moment they reached home, they saw Jiang Yan slouching lifelessly on the couch. Su Wenlun was watching the television with a frustrated face. There were two bowls of unfinished porridge and a small plate of pickles.
  • The moment Su Yimo saw that, she was enraged. Couldn’t they just take care of themselves without Han Jingru? Did they expect Han Jingru to cook for them at home every day?
  • “Mum, don’t tell me that you have forgotten how to cook after resting for a few years. If Jingru isn’t cooking anymore in the future, you plan to starve yourself to death?” Su Yimo fumed as she was cleaning up the plates.
  • Jiang Yan showed no response and Su Wenlun sighed, “Your mum is grieving for that two hundred thousand. She said that our living expenses will be halved from today onwards.”
  • The moment Jiang Yan heard about money, her eyes lit up and she gave Han Jingru a strict instruction, “From today onwards, I will only be giving you five hundred for your monthly expenses.”
  • “Five hundred?” Su Yimo stormed out from the kitchen. What can five hundred buy for a family of four? Did she expect them to eat porridge every day?
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