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Chapter 1175 A Deliberate Display Of Power

  • “One week, I suppose,” Mo Yanshang replied stiffly.
  • Although he had been forced to say this, Yang Wanlin, who was standing by the side, felt extremely shocked by his words.
  • If Yang Bin found out about this, he would probably be stunned as well.
  • This was Mo Yanshang they were talking about! He was renowned for his ferocity and grit in Yan City—no one had ever heard him negotiate with anyone before.
  • “Alright, then. You can take this one week to think about how you can defeat me, or you can choose to obey me and return the Qi family’s possessions to them. However, I must warn you that the first choice will be a very painful one. If you don’t fulfil your promise to me by the time one week is up, I’ll make sure the name of the Mo family is eradicated from Yan City.”
  • Mo Yanshang was frowning so hard that sweat was gathering in his wrinkles. He had lived in Yan City for so many years, but nobody had ever dared to speak to him like that.
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