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Chapter 249 Best Gift

  • In the hotel room.
  • Wang Mao had already went to book the air ticket. And Qi Pingying was just vexed to face a worthless Han Jingru. The woman just couldn't understand why after a short toilet break, Han Jingru would purposefully throw the game.
  • Yes, throwing the game.
  • Those people were biased towards Ouyang Xiujie and they couldn't bring themselves to notice Han Jingru losing on purpose. They would rather believe that Ouyang Xiujie's final move was to get Han Jingru to lose his rationality. But Qi Pingying was perfectly clear, with Han Jingru's skills, it was impossible to lose.
  • "Now that you lose the competition, can you imagine what those people from the Yun city's Go Association would do to you?" Qi Pingying asked Han Jingru.
  • "I have never cared about those trashes. Does it even matter how they treat me?" Han Jingru said in disdain. He knew that after he went back to Yun city, he would definitely receive a great condemnation and loathe from those members. But did it matter?
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