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Chapter 1019 The Effects Of Ruby Eyed Python

  • The both of them forwent the fine wine and headed to Ximen Jin’s room.
  • It was previously occupied by Ximen Chang. Every patriarch of the Ximen family would stay in that room because the passage to the restricted area was in that room.
  • It was an unbearable thing to do for Ximen Jin to guard the restricted area, knowing that he had no access to it. Otherwise, he would not have asked Han Jingru to help him. After all, getting a favor from Han Jingru would result in some losses.
  • After Ximen Jin had opened the door to the secret room, they followed the passage and walked further into it.
  • The passage was so narrow, they had to walk in a single file. It seemed to be quite a distance. After walking for several minutes, they finally reached another door.
  • “Mr. Han, this door is made of very special material. It can’t be opened by force,” Ximen Jin explained. In a way, he was reminding Han Jingru not to rely on physical strength to open the door.
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