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Chapter 254 You Can Humiliate Me

  • "Damn, Who is that? How can he fight so well!"
  • "Bloody hell, what a bad luck to meet someone like that. But we can't be getting beaten up for nothing!"
  • "Let's scratch his car and let him know the consequences of offending us! If we just leave after that, he won't be able to find us!"
  • Although the few thugs were conquered by Han Jingru's violence, after Han Jingru left, they started to have ideas of vengeance. If they ran right after scratching his car, Han Jingru wouldn't be able to find them.
  • For these thugs, if they couldn't avenge themselves after getting beaten up, they wouldn't be able to intimidate others.
  • They could starve themselves, eat nothing but buns in their own. But when they were in public, their pride was more important than their lives.
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