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Chapter 281 Romantic

  • Liu Zhong was speechless to see those who valued their ego above everything else. With a net worth of just twenty over million, buying an object from the auction could peel a flesh from him. What was the point to act up meaninglessly like that?
  • "If you confirm, you must give a million as guarantee. If you do not participate in the bidding, the deficit will not be returned." Liu Zhong reminded.
  • "Why are you so naggy? Are you looking down on me?" Ma Yan said angrily.
  • Liu Zhong shook his head and said, "If that's the case, please follow me."
  • At that time, even Liu Zhong's assistant couldn't help but shook her head. If Han Jingru did not come before them, she would simply treat them like a joke. But after the contrast, she simply looked down on them.
  • Someone with a net worth over a hundred billion was so well mannered and down to earth. But yet the man with just twenty over million net worth acted as if he was better than everyone else.
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