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Chapter 244 Shameless Old Dog

  • The competition would be going on for four days. For the first three days, Han Jingru pushed his way up smoothly and won every single game. All those famous players did not cause any trouble for him at all. However, there was a weird phenomena that happened. For the first two days, the competition was very easy. On the third day, he had been participating extensively and he could hardly get a chance to rest.
  • Qi Pingying had lost in a match against Ouyang Xiujie and her match stopped that day. However, even after winning four consecutive matches, Han Jingru was still going.
  • "Why would there be such a weird arrangement? He still has two more matches coming up and he doesn't have any chance to rest at all. How can anyone compete under such stressful conditions?" Qi Pingying asked in puzzlement outside the hall. Her opponent, Ouyang Xiujie was confirmed to get into the finals tomorrow. Yet, his rival Han Jingru still had two more matches.
  • "The competitions for the past two days were quite relaxing. The organiser seemed to have piled up all of the matches to today. That was obviously a trick to wear his mental strength out!" Wang Mao fumed. After experiencing over a hundred competitions, Wang Mao had never seen such arrangements. Moreover, all of Han Jingru's opponents were playing unhurriedly and they seemed to be wasting time purposefully to wear off his patience. That was a strategy to make Han Jingru mentally fatigue.
  • "Are you insinuating that Shanguan Heibai was the one behind all this?" Qi Pingying asked.
  • Wang Mao nodded and said, "Aside from that old thing, who would target him like that?"
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