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Chapter 224 Using Me

  • What Ning Xingpeng said threw another bomb Into the crowd. The man didn't even have the intention to fight back. That simply meant the difference between himself and that Mr. Han was so great that the man felt such powerlessness and helplessness.
  • But that was understandable as well, the man that could make both Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua appear together. How could Ning Xingpeng had any chance at all?
  • At that time, Ning Yu went berserk. He realized that his prince-like life would be changed completely after this incident, And the culprit that made it was Qiu Mu. If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be offending Han Jingru the day before. And if it wasn't for the woman, he wouldn't be interfering in this matter that had none whatsoever relationship with him.
  • Ning Yu walked towards Qiu Mu and grabbed her hair, "You bitch! It is all because of you, it is you who made this happen! I will make you die together with me!"
  • Qiu Mu was long petrified in fear. The moment Ning Xingpeng apologize, she knew things might get complicated. After Ning Xingpeng knelt and both Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua appeared, all her hopes were shattered.
  • That driver wasn't a driver at all! He was even greater than Ning Yu.
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