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Chapter 1007 Roaring Across The Horizon

  • Just as Fei Ling’er was wondering if there was a need for her to reveal her true identity to Han Jingru, her expression suddenly changed to one of shock. A few seconds later, it changed again to one of confusion.
  • She could sense a very familiar aura. It was one that had a very low possibility of ever appearing in the Imperial Court.
  • The person whom the aura belonged to was releasing it on purpose. Whoever it was, they were trying to let Fei Ling’er know that they were around.
  • “Yi Qingshan, what are you doing here at the Imperial Court?” As soon as she spoke, Fei Ling’er disappeared from the room in the inn.
  • In Fengshang City, which was located a few hundred kilometers away from the Imperial Court, an old man was devouring food at a road stop. His pathetic figure made the other customers feel rather contemptuous towards him. Besides, his clothes looked extremely strange—although they were in tatters, anyone could tell that his clothes weren’t that of Imperial Court.
  • A fearsome-looking warrior walked up to him and asked in a mocking tone, “Hey, old fool, your clothes look kind of strange, don’t you think?”
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