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Chapter 1066 Kill The Emperor

  • When they stepped into the yard, Han Jingru immediately saw Huang Xiaoyong and Zhantai Liuyue in the pavilion.
  • His disciple was stunned for a moment when he saw him. Then, he ran towards the former excitedly.
  • “You’re finally back, Master! I thought I wouldn’t be able to leave this place forever. I miss you so much.” The only thing Huang Xiaoyong lacked was snot and tears to complete his act.
  • Han Jingru said indifferently, “You’re not that good in terms of strength, but your acting skills are impressive. You look like you’ve had a great time here. There’s a beauty with you after all.”
  • Chatting with Zhantai Liuyue every day was indeed something Huang Xiaoyong looked forward to. But compared to leaving this place, he’d much prefer to leave. Because in the end, he could only admire someone like Zhantai Liuyue from afar. He didn’t have the guts to even imagine what could happen between them.
  • “Master Han, how is your sister?” The woman walked towards Han Jingru. Her ears were reddish, probably because she saw someone she fancied.
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