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Chapter 247 Twist

  • The skill difference between Ouyang Xiujie and Han Jingru was great. It did not matter how Ouyang Xiujie dragged the match or made Han Jingru impatient. Han Jingru continued to have the upper hands in the game.
  • That was the display of absolute difference in skill. It did not matter how Shanguan Heibai cunningly planned, or how slow Ouyang Xiujie played his moves, those weren't enough to change the fact that Han Jingru would definitely win.
  • Han Jingru was making instant moves while Ouyang Xiujie was taking longer and longer time. The man was completely served in the game and he was having a tough time. The only choice he had was to drag on the game and made Han Jingru's mental strength fatigue. After that, he would find a way to win back.
  • "Ouyang Xiujie, your lost is inevitable. It matters not how you drag the game further, you will never find a chance to turn the tables. This is simply the difference between the both of us. It is not something you can change by your petty tricks." After Han Jingru placed in another piece, he said to Ouyang Xiujie with a relaxed face.
  • On the other side, Ouyang Xiujie had a grim expression and he was getting more and more nervous. His expression was reflecting his tiredness.
  • "Don't get so conceited, we don't know who will win in the end. How can you be so sure?" Ouyang Xiujie gnashed his teeth and said.
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