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Chapter 334 Han Family From America

  • At the Peninsula Hotel, Qi Pingying put on light makeup and she looked absolutely beautiful and charming. She was as pretty as an angel and a girl like her would put any others to self loathe.
  • Qi Pingying looked even more attractive when she sat at the bedside crossing her long, seductive legs.
  • Dong Wu did not dare to look at Qi Pingying, not even from the corner of his eyes and continued to keep his head low as looking at her directly was akin to an act of blasphemy.
  • “My lady, why would Han Jia appear here? I don't remember any of them returning to China.” Dong Wu asked with a confused face.
  • The Han family was top-notch among the Chinese community in America and almost everyone knew about them. Qi Pingying even took the initiative to find out about the Han family as the problem faced by the Qi family was somewhat related to the them.
  • The Han family had a well-established history among the Chinese community in America for more than a century. However, they had never returned to China. Qi Pingying had also speculated in the past that it was a taboo for the members of Han family to do so.
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